Infertility & The Panda

Mei Xiang is a giant panda at the National Zoo and she’s been having difficulty conceiving.  According to Zoo officials, her hormone levels rose and she was prepared for breeding with Tian Tian.  But it didn’t happen, so zoo officials ended up artificially inseminating her over the weekend.  What’s next for Mei Xiang is blood […]

Miss Manners Weighs In on Sperm Donation

A reader inquires of Miss Manners how he should react when his niece rebuffed his offer to donate sperm.  The uncle reports that his feelings were hurt when the niece ended up having a baby using another sperm donor.   Miss Manners rebukes him because he does not “seem to appreciate that this was not comparable […]

A Lifestyle Choice?

Many of us have heard the refrain that having kids is a lifestyle choice.  For childfree couples who got to make that choice, this can be true. For those of us who didn’t have a choice due to infertility, it’s a very hurtful thing to hear. And it’s not any less hurtful when it’s said […]