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We have more experience with surrogacy than any other New Hampshire based law firm.  Recent changes to New Hampshire’s surrogacy laws have created a favorable legal environment for gestational surrogacy, while also providing extensive protections to both intended parents and surrogates.  We provide legal services for all aspects of New Hampshire surrogacy including:

New Hampshire intended parents surrogacy
New Hampshire intended parents egg donation

Egg Donation

We are well respected authorities in the area of egg donation, and we regularly advise donors, recipients and industry professionals on both legal and practical aspects of egg donation.  Our managing attorney, Catherine Tucker, regularly presents on legal issues related to egg donation at RESOLVE New England’s educational seminars and she was a guest on Creating a Family’s Radio Show focusing on “Legal Issues You MUST Consider when Using Egg Donation, Sperm Donation or Surrogacy”.  Catherine also was selected by Parents Via Egg Donation to answer basic legal questions on their “Ask the Reproductive Attorney” forum. As a member of RESOLVE New England’s Board of Directors, Catherine is honored to assist individuals throughout the region who are using donated eggs to build their families.  Our legal services related to egg donation include:

Sperm Donation

New Hampshire Surrogacy Law can provide you with comprehensive legal services related to your known or anonymous sperm donation arrangement. We can prepare and negotiate your written sperm donation agreement, or review one already prepared by another attorney, as well as help you obtain any necessary court orders to secure your family’s legal rights. We understand the complex interaction between various New Hampshire laws as well as the laws of other states and can craft individualized solutions to give you and your family the peace of mind that comes from knowing your legal rights are secure.

New Hampshire intended parents sperm donation
New Hampshire intended parents embryo donation

Embryo Donation

At New Hampshire Surrogacy Law, we know that the process of deciding to pursue embryo donation can be emotionally and logistically complex. We can help you sort through the legal considerations that are unique to embryo donation, to develop unique solutions to protect the legal rights of the participants to an embryo donation arrangement, as well as the resulting children. We are committed to educating both other professionals as well as patients about embryo donation. Attorney Catherine Tucker has presented on embryo donation at the New Hampshire Association of Justice Family Law Forum, the New Hampshire Bar Association Family Law Section Meeting, and RESOLVE New England educational seminars. In addition, Catherine was invited to guest moderate a discussion on The Embryo Donation Network. We can help you with all aspects of embryo donation including: