LGBTQ law new hampshire

LGBTQ+ Allies

As LGBTQ+ community allies, we believes that all persons, regardless of sexual orientation, should be able to have legal security in their family relationships. Our attorneys are members of LGBTQ+ friendly legal organizations, such as the National LGBT Bar Association, and have taken GLAD's Pledge to Uphold the Standards for LGBT Families. Attorney Catherine Tucker wrote the revised New Hampshire laws relating to sperm donation, egg donation and reciprocal IVF. She is also a co-author of New Hampshire's modernized surrogacy law. We utilize these laws, and other same-sex friendly laws, to the advantage of our legal clients.

Gay Parents

We provide comprehensive legal services for male same-sex couples who are seeking to grow their families, or who are seeking to establish firm legal ties with their existing children. We can handle your legal needs regarding:

LGBTQ law new hampshire

Lesbian Parents

Female same-sex couples often need to take additional legal steps to protect their families. We offer comprehensive legal services tailored to the needs of lesbian parents: